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today 07:31

We had a very productive Sunday and by that I mean church, lunch, Target and naps! That's productive, right?! WehadaveryproductiveSundayandbythatImeanchurch,lunch,Targetandnaps!That'sproductive,right?!

today 08:06

Sunday ☀️ Funday! I had the best day ever hanging with friends at the beach!! The weather was so perfect, I didn't want to leave! Back to reality tomorrow though!Sunday☀️Funday!Ihadthebestdayeverhangingwithfriendsatthebeach!!Theweatherwassoperfect,Ididn'twanttoleave!Backtorealitytomorrowthough!

58 mins ago

Officially obsessed with this flattering ruched dress - it comes in seven different colors! Officiallyobsessedwiththisflatteringrucheddress-itcomesinsevendifferentcolors!

today 04:13

Taking weekly prayer requests ! Just let me know if you have a prayer request or DM me if you like and I'd be happy to pray for you or with you !. I'll be checking comments and DM's throughout the day . also please pray for the prayer requests that are lTakingweeklyprayerrequests! JustletmeknowifyouhaveaprayerrequestorDMmeifyoulikeandI'dbehappytoprayforyouorwithyou!.I'llbecheckingcommentsandDM'sthroughouttheday. alsopleaseprayfortheprayerrequeststhatareleftbelowaswell. ❤️Matthew18:20. Forwheretwoorthreea

today 05:23

Love pattern mixing this leopard clutch with stripes. Linked two stripes tops I'm loving (wearing xxs). This clutch is great for date night & great as a neutral. These cutoffs are my fave & under $100 (wearing 24) and these booties are so comfy // Shop yoLovepatternmixingthisleopardclutchwithstripes.LinkedtwostripestopsI'mloving(wearingxxs).Thisclutchisgreatfordatenight&greatasaneutral.Thesecutoffsaremyfave&under$100(wearing24)andthesebootiesaresocomfy//ShopyourscreenshotofthispicwiththeLIKEtoKNOW.itapp&a

today 08:55

#LTKsalealert my favorite crops are in SALE for under $40 (wearing xxs). Love this neon tank (wearing xxs) for workouts! Speaking of these kicks (under $100) talking all about my favorite sneaks for working out on this week's podcast episode! Listen on to,LTKsalealertmyfavoritecropsareinSALEforunder$40(wearingxxs).Lovethisneontank(wearingxxs)forworkouts!Speakingofthesekicks(under$100)talkingallaboutmyfavoritesneaksforworkingoutonthisweek'spodcastepisode!Listenontoday'spost,linkinbio//Shopyourscreenshotoft

today 08:56

So into neutrals right now and totally ready for FALL! I'm over this heat! ✌SointoneutralsrightnowandtotallyreadyforFALL!I'moverthisheat!✌

today 09:30

I've partnered with some of my favorite accounts to give one lucky follower a $1000 gift card to Homegoods OR a cash option sent via pay pal as goods and services. To participate: 1: FOLLOW ME 2. "LIKE" this picture 3. Go to @itsberrystylish and repeat tI'vepartneredwithsomeofmyfavoriteaccountstogiveoneluckyfollowera$1000giftcardtoHomegoodsORacashoptionsentviapaypalasgoodsandservices. Toparticipate: 1:FOLLOWME 2."LIKE"thispicture 3.Goto,itsberrystylishandrepeatthesteps 4.Followthesamestepsoneveryaccountu

today 08:23

Wore the cutest tunic dress yesterday for exploring the Biltmore! #LTKstyletip : I actually wore jean shorts underneath it in case the wind blew WorethecutesttunicdressyesterdayforexploringtheBiltmore!,LTKstyletip:Iactuallyworejeanshortsunderneathitincasethewindblew

today 07:53

Abra-cadabra Abra-cadabra

today 03:12

sunday cruisin' sundaycruisin'

today 06:59

I had so much fun yesterday at @waltdisneyworld participating in #DisneyPhotoPassDay. I took photos with my favorite princesses that represent strength and courage Ihadsomuchfunyesterdayat,waltdisneyworldparticipatingin,DisneyPhotoPassDay.Itookphotoswithmyfavoriteprincessesthatrepresentstrengthandcourage

today 07:33

If I could live in this I would IfIcouldliveinthisIwould

29 mins ago

My favorite $17 tees are back in all sizes and now come in six colors Myfavorite$17teesarebackinallsizesandnowcomeinsixcolors

today 03:01

Someone couldn't wait Someonecouldn'twait

today 08:42

Comfy basics for a low key Sunday with the fam.... now onto some homemade pizza ComfybasicsforalowkeySundaywiththefam....nowontosomehomemadepizza

today 04:29

Fighting the urge to take a nap right now Fightingtheurgetotakeanaprightnow

26 mins ago

Who's watching game of thrones ?! I look forward to watching it all day long! Another cute cami -- this one has Who'swatchinggameofthrones?!Ilookforwardtowatchingitalldaylong!Anothercutecami--thisonehas

36 mins ago

Preparing for fall with @ilovemrmittens #liketkit @liketoknow.itPreparingforfallwith,ilovemrmittens,liketkit,

today 04:32

Today on the #paleomg I'm talking about my go-to jeans that always fit like a glove! @express denim is seriously my absolute favorite and always makes me feel so confident! PLUS I'm sharing a special code to get $25 off your in-store purchase! Head to theTodayonthe,paleomgI'mtalkingaboutmygo-tojeansthatalwaysfitlikeaglove!,expressdenimisseriouslymyabsolutefavoriteandalwaysmakesmefeelsoconfident!PLUSI'msharingaspecialcodetoget$25offyourin-storepurchase!Headtotheblogfortheuniquecode(linkinprofile)orshopmyfa

today 07:48

Anyone making my bacon cheeseburger meatloaf this week?! You can top yours with cheese like @bonappeteet did or make your own homemade vegan cheese sauce to put on top! Either way it will be damn delicious! Find the recipe on #paleomg ! http://paleomg.comAnyonemakingmybaconcheeseburgermeatloafthisweek?!Youcantopyourswithcheeselike,bonappeteetdidormakeyourownhomemadevegancheesesaucetoputontop!Eitherwayitwillbedamndelicious!Findtherecipeon,paleomg!

32 mins ago

Dinner time!! Arugula salad, marinated steak that I cooked up in a cast iron skillet and my jicama slaw (shared on the blog last week) that I tossed in chimichurri I made on Friday! Dinnertime!!Arugulasalad,marinatedsteakthatIcookedupinacastironskilletandmyjicamaslaw(sharedonthebloglastweek)thatItossedinchimichurriImadeonFriday!

today 02:42

A lot of y'all asked about this Alotofy'allaskedaboutthis

today 05:41

Answering one of our top questions on our latest episode of An Extra Dose podcastAnsweringoneofourtopquestionsonourlatestepisodeofAnExtraDosepodcast

today 08:54

I have this lace cami in white, too, and wear it so much! It's only $10 and so pretty on! I also linked what I wear underneath for those of y'all who ask!☺️ // shop my outfit at OR Screenshot or 'like' this pic to shop the product Ihavethislacecamiinwhite,too,andwearitsomuch!It'sonly$10andsoprettyon!IalsolinkedwhatIwearunderneathforthoseofy'allwhoask!☺️//'like'thispictoshoptheproductdetailsfromtheLIKEtoKNOW.itapp,availablenowfromth

today 07:28

Not ready for the weekend to end! Anyone else cramming everything in?? and by some miracle, my pickled beets from my salad managed to miss my white pants Notreadyfortheweekendtoend!Anyoneelsecrammingeverythingin??,mypickledbeetsfrommysaladmanagedtomissmywhitepants






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